Communications Tower at Trenton Courthouse is alive with high-speed.

Our company was awarded the NC Great Grant for broadband infrastructure, in Jones County. On January 31, we had a groundbreaking ceremony to launch...

Bending the line.

This is the time of the year when the leaves are bare and the days are short. Our low frequency signal only works with line-of-sight. By having a...

They’ve got a Five Star review at the moment with their users!

I recently had a very promising conversation with a very nice guy from Eastern Carolina Broadband; a recent start-up based out of Pink Hill. I...

Meeting the neighbors…

The process of building a network, as a wireless internet service provider, is no easy task. Our broadband signal connects through radio waves and...

So much internet, so little time.

What's the difference between network and internet? Well, a network, simply put, is one or more computers tied to each other. Similarly, the...

Small Town, Big Open Broadband

All of the back roads, long driveways and cul-de-sacs have one thing in common. The folks who live in these neighborhoods can call this neck of the...

Custom Installation

At Eastern Carolina Broadband, we are dedicated to making your transition to high-speed internet a pleasant one. Our skilled technicians are able to...

Farmers are using high-speed for online data collection and analytics.

Our Business package will allow for multiple connections and high-speed for all your farm’s needs.

Projects are underway in in Duplin, Jones and Lenoir Counties.

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ECB has a variety of speed options tailored to fit the needs of our customers whether they live in town, outside of town or operate a business in the community.

ECB’s primary mission is to provide affordable, reliable Internet service to families and businesses who currently have limited choices. In many cases, we will provide service to areas of eastern North Carolina that cannot be served by any other provider.

Plus, there are no hidden taxes or fees. 

Turbo Family

Priority Service
  • Simultaneous Users, Multimedia, HD Streaming, & Gaming
  • Starting at 40 Mbps Download Speed
  • Starting at 10 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Higher Speeds Available Upon Request
  • Custom Installation
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Equipment and installation fees apply to all new residential and business customers, averaging $99–$150.

Remember, no contracts for any of our packages.