Eastern Carolina Broadband, LLC, provides hybrid fiber and fixed wireless ISP solutions to your area providing fast and reliable broadband internet to the unserved and under-served. 

Compared to fiber or cable, fixed-wireless is high-speed internet that uses radio signals rather than cables. It is much faster to deploy and does not involve digging up streets or moving lines on poles. It is “sightline” internet that is faster than DSL, satellite, and cellular hotspots, with extremely low latency.

High Speed, Cost-Effective Internet

  • Internet upload/download speeds 25Mbps – 1000Mbps.
  • Prices starting at just $39/month.
  • No long term contracts.
  • No usage caps, no overage charges, and no throttling.
  • No bundling required.



Eastern Carolina Broadband, LLC, is a locally owned and operated company founded by three friends and colleagues. Incorporated in 2017, the company is fully owned by four experienced business owners, all who live and work in eastern North Carolina. They include Susan G. Myers, Al Rachide, Rodney Scott, and Jennings Outlaw. ECB was founded as a social investment into the area surrounding Pink Hill, NC, to ensure that students, families, farmers, and businesses in ENC would have access to high-speed internet. 

ECB utilizes state of the art, fixed wireless technology to provide “last mile internet.”  To make sure the internet is offered far and wide, ECB leases vertical assets such as water towers and grain elevators to broadcast high-speed internet directly to businesses and homes.  


Susan G. Myers


Susan G Myers, is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, business lender, real estate and economic developer. She earned a B.A. In Economics from Hollins University. Her internet experience includes co-founding assests2auction.com that was sold to a company which went public. Susan is known as being a visionary leader who gets things done. In 2016, she co-founded the Pink Hill Tech Think Tank which led to the formation of Eastern Carolina Broadband. Susan is the current managing partner of Susan & Al Properties, LLC, and founder of Pink Hill Flower Fund. A native of the Mississippi Delta and the daughter of a planter, Susan is a resident of Pink Hill.

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Al Rachide


Al Rachide, has owned & operated R&A Computer Systems for 30 years and Pink Hill Pharmacy for 32 years. In the summer of 1971, Al was one of the first people to use a freestanding desk top computer at the National Science Foundation summer camp. Al founded R&A Systems to install pharmacy computer systems and quickly moved to helping other small business owners adopt new technology. A pharmacist by education, Al is skilled at design, execution and operating companies profitably. Al is a native of Jacksonville and is a resident of Pink Hill.

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Rodney Scott


As a native of the Pink Hill area and an NC State graduate (industrial engineering), Rodney Scott is excited to help improve our community. Scott attended BF Grady Elementary School and graduated from East Duplin High School. He has worked in several industries before returning home in 2000. He boasts a wonderful wife and two children (who both attended Duplin County public schools). As a business owner and resident of this area, Scott knows the problems of getting internet in the eastern NC rural areas firsthand. He looks forward to helping as many people as possible in rural eastern North Carolina get access to fast, reliable and affordable internet.

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