The view from the top will take your breath away.

In North Western Duplin County, at the intersection of Graham Rd. and Jones Turner Road, the landscape blooms with a vertical asset that is being used for more than just mechanical processing. The tallest platform towers over the corn fields below and stands close to 200 ft. This familiar site is adding something different  to surrounding area neighborhoods as well as local farms and businesses. By attaching three carefully aimed sectors, Eastern Carolina Broadband can provide high-speed almost as far as the eye can see. To increase efficiency and monitor crop production in all areas of North Carolina, local farmers are using state of the art equipment in the most remote and rural areas in the eastern part of the state.  The Goodson & Wells Grain Elevator has been wired with the latest technology in wireless broadband internet.

Locals know this familiar site as an innovation in processing, used to export local goods all over the world. An added perk, it now serves as a means to bring the modern trends in agribusiness back to Duplin County.

Donnell Outlaw and his son Dee stand beside the 120′ Grain Elevator at Kornegay Farms.

Many family farms in this area can benefit from the internet. Utilizing drones and even applying fertilizers, pesticides, other treatments remotely.

A new generation of good ‘ol boy is leading the way by utilizing software to manage seed, soil, fertilizer, and irrigation.

The data can then be used to predict the season’s turnout.

Our Business package will allow for multiple connections and high-speed for all your farm’s needs.

Kornegay Grain Elevator

Using direct site lines–Kornegay, Albertson, and Gilsson are ready for new subscribers.