I recently had a very promising conversation with a very nice guy from Eastern Carolina Broadband; a recent start-up based out of Pink Hill.

I rarely take things at face value. When I spoke with Mr. Al Rachide last week, I was excited for my kids. My daughter and son-in-law have tried to find a solution for their existing “Slow Speed” internet service that can’t even handle some basic modern household tasks! I’m planning to meet with Mr. Rachide after the holidays and would be happy to share names of interested residents in this area, along with my kids who would at least like more detailed information. I reached out to a few people I know that’s already using this service. If you live in the Rones Chapel area, and are unhappy with your current internet provider.

The service Eastern Carolina Broadband is providing is radio wave based; and faster and more reliable than what they’ve had available so far! The technology behind ECB is linear, direct line of sight radio wave signals. Today, modern home technology demands good quality high speed internet. “Smart home” devices like lighting controls, door locks, cameras, security systems we can monitor remotely, all require this type of service. Internet has become so much more than a curious pass time or luxury; it’s a necessity for the 24 hour protection and maintenance of modern homes belonging to people like us who enjoy living in the country. I suspect more people would enjoy “rural living” if they knew they could get decent, high-speed internet service, like ECB offers. Consequently, the more people that learn about it, and express a serious interest, makes it possible for ECB to offer in more locations! If you’re located in this area just outside Mt Olive in Duplin County and would have an interest in being part of a group of people who get ECB next, call them. You may be a candidate to get broadband service like ECB offers. They will tell you if you can currently get the service or if enough residents in a geographic area have an interest; or, they will locate a pole nearby.

Now, please understand, I’m not a spokesperson nor salesman. I do understand IT basics and how it relates to communication; especially, as the world we live in today commands internet as a necessity, not a luxury.

–Kevin Roberts, Mt. Olive