Packages, Sized for your Needs.

Unlimited, High-Speed Internet for your Home, Business, or Farm.


ECB has a variety of speed options tailored to fit the needs of our customers whether they live in town, outside of town or operate a business in the community.

ECB’s primary mission is to provide affordable, reliable Internet service to families and businesses who currently have limited choices. In many cases, we will provide service to areas of eastern North Carolina that cannot be served by any other provider.

Plus, there are no hidden taxes or fees. 

Turbo Family

Priority Service
  • Simultaneous Users, Multimedia, HD Streaming, & Gaming
  • Starting at 40 Mbps Download Speed
  • Starting at 10 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Higher Speeds Available Upon Request
  • Custom Installation
  • Call for a FREE Quote


Equipment and installation fees apply to all new residential and business customers, averaging $99–$150.

Remember, no contracts for any of our packages.

Smooth Service

ECB’s High-Speed Internet, gives you the ability to stream HD video to multiple devices at the same time. Larger packages of bandwidth allow for smooth service for heavy users in need of live, gaming features. The amount of time it takes for information to travel from point A to point B and back again is key. 

Talk the Talk

Companies such as MagicJack, Vonage, Broadvox, Packet-8, and others provide an adaptor that just plugs into your home router, and for a nominal monthly fee. This allows for good to excellent phone service via your internet connection. Most of these services are priced lower than your typical local phone company service, and they are all free of state and local taxes as well as user fees.

Saving you up to an additional $15 per month.


Businesses of all sizes have different internet needs depending on a number of factors including how they use the internet for their business and how many employees they have. In most cases, a business requires more upload and download speed than a residential customer. ECB will work with businesses of all a sizes to determine what solution is best suited to meet the needs of the business.