The mission of ECB is to provide high-quality Internet service to the unserved and underserved areas of eastern North Carolina at an affordable price. For ECB to be able to do this for the long term we have to make a profit, but the decision was made to keep our plans priced as low as possible. Our pricing model is based on the expectation that local governments and businesses would allow ECB to mount equipment on their towers for little to no rent (of course we would cover all costs associated with installation and maintenance of our equipment). This would allow ECB to pass these savings onto our customers.

ECB is planning to offer as its primary residential plan, 25Mb down by 3 Mb up, for $59/mth. Attached are screenshots of the plans of the four wireless internet service providers we are aware of in North Carolina and three Virginia providers. As you can see ECB’s plan is significantly less than any other providers plan at comparable speeds. If ECB has to pay higher lease fees for tower access we will be forced to pass those higher costs on to our customers. We appreciate your help in keeping internet costs affordable for as many of our neighbors as possible.

Rodney Scott
Managing Partner

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Eastern Carolina Broadband works with North Carolina’s Broadband Infrastructure office to bring broadband connectivity to rural areas that are underserved.