What Is A Site Survey?

Compared to fiber or cable, fixed-wireless is much faster to deploy and does not involve digging up streets or moving lines on poles. It is much faster than DSL, satellite, and cellular hotspots, and is very low latency. To achieve this, Eastern Carolina Broadband uses line-of-sight technology to deliver the internet at the fastest speeds possible.  Frequently a physical address is enough to prove success from an ECB transmission site. We prefer to conduct a physical site survey which is at no cost to the customer. Below is a map of our current broadcast sites. From these points, we beam high-speed internet directly to your home or business.


How Does It Work?

Physical Site Survey

An Eastern Carolina Broadband field tech will perform a site evaluation to determine if your residence (or business) is a candidate for service. If your home is serviceable the representative will let you know what packages and speeds are available.


An Eastern Carolina Broadband installation tech. will come to your home to determine the best location for optimal signal and speed. Installation of the high-speed fixed wireless antenna will take between 1-4 hours unless previously discussed.

Getting Connected

After installation is complete the ECB representative will setup the provided WiFi router in your home (or business) and assist you with connecting your devices. Though we do provide home WiFi routers you may choose to configure and use your own.


To schedule a physical site survey please fill out the information below and submit when finished. A member of the Eastern Carolina Broadband team will reply with two business days.